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We at PostcodeLife® enjoy sharing with you all of the wonderful and lovely things that are on our doorstep and the surrounding area.

Every postcode area has unknown gems to visit, new businesses opening and plenty more that local residents and visitors don’t know about, BUT we here at PostcodeLife® love telling you about these finds and openings.

We will keep you informed of our discoveries, adventures and the local businesses that we find and come across along our journeys. 

Think of us as an electronic magazine as we at PostcodeLife® enjoy bringing you news, reviews, articles, along with local ideas, the odd competition and our regularly updated blog.

As PostcodeLife® grows we will be adding more and more postcodes around the country to our directory, so wherever you live, wherever you visit we will let you know the places to go, stay and visit.

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I am Tara and live in the BR5 area.  I am a mum of 2 and work from home for my husbands business.  I chose to join PostcodeLife® & launch  BR5Life as having been on a few courses with Helen, I felt confident in my social media skills and having seen what Helen has done for her local community with BR6Life, felt that this was something I could do for PettsWood and the surrounding areas.

So far, so good! I am loving it everyday and the support given by Helen is amazing.

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