Turn your Postcode into Profit!

The recent pandemic has made many of us think about what is important to us. 

Your priorities may have changed and you may be reevaluating what you want from your life.  Pre-pandemic career, commute, family life, these things are all in question.

You may now be working from home and this is suiting your lifestyle – you may have wanted to start your own business but didn’t think it was possible to replace your full time income.  You may want to start a side hustle. 

We have a business opportunity that is for you if …

  • Your job is no longer suiting your lifestyle or fulfilling your career desires

  • You are not spending enough quality time with your family 

  • You feel there is not enough hours in the day 

  • You quite liked not having to do the daily commute!

  • You would like to increase your income 

  • You would like to be your own boss and do something you love with flexible working hours

  • You would like to feel rewarded by running your own business 

  • You would like to open new doors and create your own opportunities locally

Our business opportunity provides …

  • A ready-made trade-marked business in a box that can be personalised by you 

  • A comprehensive induction program

  • Full business and social-media ongoing training and support

  • The opportunity for you to learn new transferrable skills

  • A friendly and supportive team for you to feel a part of

  • The opportunity to work within your local community 

Having run the original postcode area BR6Life I can assure you that it is a tried and tested successful business model for growth in YOUR area. 

Run a business that Grows With You.

How quickly you grow, is totally up to you – it’s your business and therefore what you put in you get back…. It can be flexible to you and your daily routine, commitments and family life. As a parent I am fully aware of unexpected sickness days, appointments and so forth so running your PostcodeLife business is totally flexible to fit in with you and your lifestyle.

It’s Easy To Run

As it is down to you when you run it and how you run it!

Ongoing training and support

You benefit from on-going training and support from day one. Including social setups, how to’s marketing materials, templates, and a team who care about you and your investment plus your local area will show great support.