Would you like to showcase your business on PostcodeLife®?

We are passionate here at Postcode Life® about telling your local community about the hidden gems in the area, the places to go, visit, see and do that they might not know about. 

One of the most valuable ways of doing this is Social Media – but we understand social isn’t for everyone, you may be too busy working IN your business to work ON it, you may not be interested in learning the back end of social media or you simply would prefer someone else to help you showcase your business.

Postcode Life’s Small Business Support Packages provides you with …

  • Social media support – peace of mind that your business is visible on social – across various social media platforms of your choice

  • The option to run competitions and giveaways in your local area

  • Benefiting from SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) from the PostcodeLife® website 

  • Being added to the business directories – another way to showcase your business.

Download your PostcodeLife® Small Business Pack Here


Prices start from just £30.

We pride ourselves with the following Postcode Protocol…


Everything is tried and tested where possible, why? Well this is so you can fully trust OUR opinion. On the occasions where we haven’t been able to visit or try something, we will let you know about it. We also like to  share the love & bring in guest writers to review events & products, if this is the case then this will be clearly marked.

PostcodeLife® is a commercial and public site and accepts advertising, but as the original company BR6Life was set up because of Helen’s passion for helping small local independent businesses to be seen on social, all PostcodeLife® accounts will only work with brands that share that ethos and are relevant to the PostcodeLife® followers & readers. We will retain editorial control and independence at all times, therefore reserving the right to decline to publish content that does not fit the PostcodeLife® brand.

We will never accept payment to write about something we don’t believe in.

We accept tickets to free shows, festivals, restaurants, events etc with the purpose of reviewing or publicising them on PostcodeLife®,  if you would like a member of the team to try you out, please get in touch at hello@postcode.life

We will never write a negative review. BUT if your service, product, establishment or company is not good enough, we simply will not write about you regardless of whether the experience was offered to us on a complimentary basis. We reserve the right to decline to publish content that does not fit the PostcodeLife® brand and what the followers know and trust.

Helen is proud to say that all Postcode Partners follow the above Postcode Protocol.